Primary Teacher

January 14, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Company: Geneva Liberal School 

Job Type: Full-time 

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 

Job Category: Multiple Jobs 

Expected Salary: ₹2 – 5 Lakh Per Annum 

Experience: 2-3 Years

Company Description:

Geneva Liberal School is dedicated to fostering curiosity, creative thinking, and

holistic student development. Located in Ahmedabad, we deliver an inclusive

academic curriculum aligned with international education standards. Our goal is

to provide a well-rounded education, empowering students with skills for success in a dynamic global landscape.

Job Description:

Join our IB (International Baccalaureate) school as a Primary Teacher and be part of an engaging

educational environment. As a committed educator, you will implement the IB Primary Years Program (PYP),

delivering inquiry-based lessons, conducting assessments, fostering holistic development, and promoting

a positive learning environment. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to providing a high-quality,

globally-minded education in alignment with IB principles.

Educational Background:

– Bachelor’s degree in education or a related field.

– Certification or training in primary education.

IB Training:

– Specific training or certification in the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) is highly desirable.

Relevant Experience:

– 2+ years of teaching experience with IB curriculum and teaching methodologies.

Language Proficiency:

– Proficiency in the language of instruction, with a commitment to language development in students.

Cultural Competence:

– Awareness and sensitivity to diverse cultural backgrounds, reflecting the global perspective of the IB program.

Pedagogical Skills:

– Strong pedagogical skills, including effective classroom management, differentiated instruction, and assessment practices.

Communication Skills:

– Excellent communication skills to interact effectively with students, parents, and colleagues.

Collaborative Approach:

– Ability to work collaboratively with other teachers, staff, and administrators to implement the

IB philosophy and curriculum.


– Flexibility and adaptability to accommodate the evolving needs of students and the school community.

Technology Proficiency:

– Competence in integrating educational technology into teaching practices.

How to Apply:

Join Geneva Liberal School as a Primary Teacher. Interested candidates can apply

for this position by clicking on the “Apply Now” button.

Contact Information:

Company Website: Geneva Website

Email: Mail them

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