Gen AI- Sr. Developer (INFSYS-EXTERNAL-173597)

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Job Description

Job Position: Gen AI- Sr. Developer (INFSYS-EXTERNAL-173597)
Company: Infosys Limited
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Job Category: Engineering, Information Technology
Expected Salary: ₹9-22 Lakh Per Annum
Experience: 5-7 Years


  • Technical Leadership: Lead a team in creating, implementing, and optimizing Generative
    AI solutions.
  • Prompt Engineering: Design prompt engineering strategies to influence Generative AI
    model output.
  • Pipeline Design: Create efficient, scalable data pipelines for preprocessing, training, and
  • Technical Review: Ensure high-quality code, models, and pipelines through technical
  • Testing and Validation: Implement testing methodologies to validate Generative AI model
  • Deployment Strategy: Collaborate with DevOps to deploy models into production
  • Workflow Optimization: Identify opportunities to streamline development workflows and
    enhance productivity.
  • Collaboration: Interface with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to design and
    implement solutions.
  • Documentation: Maintain comprehensive technical documentation for code, designs, and

Technical and Professional Requirements:

  • Machine learning algorithms, Data science tools, Cloud computing platforms, NLP,
    Computer vision, Robotics, Data ethics
  • LLM Pipeline Creation: Strong experience in designing efficient and scalable data
  • Leadership Skills: Proven ability to guide and mentor a team of developers

Preferred Skills:

  • Analytics->Machine Learning->NLP-Speech Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence->NLP Deep Learning Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence->Python ML

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Generative AI Expertise: Understanding of various Generative AI techniques and their
  • Value-Creating Strategies: Develop strategies and models to drive client innovation and
  • Industry Knowledge: Awareness of latest technologies, industry trends, and pricing
  • Client Interfacing: Ability to interface with clients and manage projects and teams

Educational Requirements:

Bachelor of Engineering

Service Line:

AI & Automation Service Line

How to Apply:

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